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This is Your Eye

This is your eye when you’re looking at the focal point – my perfume lid.

When I was reading Sousani’s Unflattening, I realized that the “eye” could be a great symbol for humanity’s acquisition and perception of knowledge; therefore, an eye could be the defining feature of a soul on some philosophical level. And an eyeball could be fun to draw. So I grabbed my perfume lid on my desk, drew the eyeball, put the lid in the center, and took the photograph. Unlike most works of this kind, I intended to emphasize the top side of the lid to fake it as 2D as possible.

This is not a critique of consumerism because I’m using the product myself. Rather it mimics the eye of Uchiha Sasuke, a character from one of my favorite comics Naruto. When Sasuke stares at you with his strange eye, you’re in trouble. This picture also has a similar effect: when you stare at the Chanel symbol, it stares back at you.


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